Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lengthy January Hodgepodge

Maybe most parents would buy their kid a working camera.  But why?!  Avrie spent hours taking "pictures" and running off to color what she'd captured.  Hours.

Small picture of gorgeous cat.

After school sledding is so enjoyable now that I can sit in the van with a book.

 Extra-large picture of my baby.  Who is ready for Kindergarten this fall.

 Thrift store electric typewriter for Christmas for our budding author.

Best part - doesn't need virus protection.  High five!

Croup baby.  The fact that there are cute Disney characters on this mask did not deter him from screaming bloody murder on the floor as I tried to secure it to his face.


 "Oh, I forgot the "h."  It should say "chrofee." - Avrie

 Reading a lot of Steinbeck these days.  

 7 a.m.
That one there in the red?  He won an award at school for being an extra kind and courteous student.  He's very embarrassed about it.  Possibly because I'm telling everyone I know.

 Twelve years of marriage this month.  We celebrated with friends on the actual day.  Origami and Sebastian Joe's a few days prior.  I really like this guy.

Cole went through a phase of napping in his toy tubs.

Oh, so comfy.

His legs were bent beneath him here.  

I love finding notes.

Yes, I may be prone to sleeping pictures.  A lot.

They were watching the Muppets the other day.  Cole came upstairs and said "I just don't like it cuz there's a beautiful pig in it."

On a day I felt like the worst mom ever.

Isgsatly.  But not rily COME ON!!

Not really the safest thing to do.  Oh well.

Hockey has nearly taken over reading.

Our crabs at Origami.  Sigh.  So delicious.

Spent the whole day at the Science Museum yesterday.  Weaving away!

This girl has been working on listening.  We have a chart on the fridge.  It's lacking stars to say the least.  In exasperation the other day when I told her she just wasn't listening again:  "Yeah, cuz my listening is worn out.  I need to just take a break from it.  Maybe next month I can try again."

Also, a recent one that I can totally empathize with:  "Sometimes I just feel like an empty body filled with spit."


Mindy said...

thanks for the laughs. laughed so many times, but the empty body filled with spit quote takes the cake!

Pam said...

yep, i laughed too! your kids are awesome!! Happy Anniversary!

Lani said...

I love your kids. Pure awesomeness. I also love you. Also pure awesomeness. And I M.I.S.S.E.S. misses you!!! Love from Iowa.

Cheri said...

When you posted this, we all sat down together and enjoyed. :) Need to get back to blogging. Wanna hear my excuse? The room with the computer with pictures on it is too cold

Gwen said...

aweee just seeing this post now..slow me.. thanx for the read and pic...hope to see you sooooon

Anita said...

Oh wow- I love that little composition! But the body filled with spit quote does, indeed, take the cake! Very good...I totally understand! And way to go on the typewriter!