Thursday, November 01, 2012

fall melange

 Y Halloween party:  Jack Sparrow, Pippi Longstocking, Alfonso in black.

 Last year Cole refused to put his hand in the pumpkin. 

Asked about swimming lessons:  "I didn't like her [instructor] cuz she was a girl.  But she was nice.  Now don't talk about it anymore!"

Late one night when he should have been sleeping:  "Can I wash my hands?  Cuz I put my fingers in my butt. Cuz it sounded like sumptin' was in there."

Needed to tell us something "so important" after bedtime:  "Is Santa coming tonight?"

 Wacky Wednesday at school.  The first year Nolan actually participated!

 This girl has a lot going on.  Always!  

Evan describing someone to Avrie in the way of "he has less hair than me." -  Avrie:  "So, none?"

"Is God like a remote control?  You know, like (demonstrates a remote control,) and He makes you do stuff?"

Screaming at ear-splitting decibel tonight during a meltdown:  "YOU'RE A MEANIE!  I HATE YOU!  YOU ARE SO MEAN!"  And then Dad laughed in her face which took ear-splitting to a new level.  And then she groveled in fine fashion and everything was okay. 

The Beauty in the midst of the beasts.We had a candy noshing party by the glow of the pumpkins.  Asleep before the sugar hit their systems.  About a 24-hour delay for the Beauty.

Can you tell who is in charge of bedtime around here?  


Cheri said...

Pippi's hair was excellent, as were Cole's stinky fingers.

Neisha said...

cute costumes!

Gwen said...

Nolan looks soooo tall being a pirate...avrie makes a perfect pippi and cole's is too cute.
Glad they found pumpkins when we took them to keep an eve of entertainment going!!! The beauty in your house between 2 beasts can hold her own..

Lani said...

I can totally identify with Avrie. I'm just sayin'. Cole's stinky fingers? Now THAT is funny! :) Thank you for posting! I MISS you!

Pam said...

Love their costumes! Cole's stinky fingers made me laugh!!

Mindy said...

love avrie's pippi hair and her comment at evan's expense made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

She looks great in one boot!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww! I was Pippi Longstocking when I was a wee little lass. They are all just adorable!