Tuesday, August 07, 2012

McCarthy Beach 2012 - Highlights

 Sandcastles at a great beach.  The water was two feet higher than normal so the shore was a bit cramped but still wonderful.  Crystal clear, sandy bottom, minnows galore.

 Hike, hike, hike.

 Day trip to the local county fair.  Click to enlarge and see Avrie's absolute terror.  Last ride ever for me.  I am sooo over amusement parks.

 Read, read, read.

 Big brother supporting baby brother's head.  Smooshy.

 Bike, bike, bike.

 The tail-end of blueberry season.  Few handfuls is all.

 Row, row, row.

 Oh, ye of little faith.

 Pyro taking a break from poking in the fire.

 Catching enormous fish!

 Avrie's voice won the carving contest!  Timberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

 Brother Bonding

Naps on the beach with Grandpa.

Those things they said whilst camping---

Shannon:  Where is Avrie?
Evan:  In the tent.
Avrie:  I'm in the tent!!  Hey, I smell dog poop.  I think I have poop on my shoes.  I do!!

After Avrie was buried in the sand in a mermaid shape---
Cole:  I wanna be a boy fairy!!

Avrie playing with my hair---
Avrie:  You have boy catchers.  I have to take them away since you already got one.

Cole:  I want watermelon.
Evan:  What did mom say about that?
Cole:  But, mom's not here!!!

Avrie:  This bleech is so cuuuute when it sucks my blood!

Avrie:  Dad's birthday is March Twoth.


Mindy said...

oh avrie, she cracks me up.

Anita said...

Cole's comment about being a 'boy fairy' reminded me of Lani's son thinking his baseball (T-ball? Softball? don't remember) team was called 'The Fairies' instead of Angels...
fun pix! Looks like you're having a great summer!