Thursday, June 07, 2012


Non-conforming, reading, building, head-scratching, analytic @ 8.

Party fare per Nolan:  Thai enchiladas, Thai meatballs, summer rolls, spicy cucumber salad, mangoes and pineapple, cookies 'n cream cheesecakes, salted caramel cheesecakes.

Party stuff:  Paper airplane throwing contests, giant backyard Kerplunk.

Gifts:  lumber and inherited saw, RC monster truck, RC helicopter, polo & shorts, water balloons, summer camp cash, bike, bookstore cash, astronomy book, erector set.


Mindy said...

sounds like the perfect gifts for nolan. happy birthday to your first baby ~ 8 years goes by fast!

Ethel said...

Happy Birthday Nolan! Can I come to the party just to eat pretty please? Have a great year ahead..You're looking like a young man now..the baby look is gone!

Anita said...

Happy 8th Birthday Nolan!!! Love the look of that cupcake! :)

Pam said...

Can NOT believe he is eight already! The party fare sound awesome!

Lani said...

Happy Birthday, Nolan! You are a handsome young man. Where's the little boy going??!! Mine is disappearing fast, too. :( *sigh*