Saturday, January 21, 2012

She Rocks Dejection.

I finally video'd the sixth time. Her sagging tights, lefty roll, sassy confident pose, dejected flailing, defeated stomp accompanied by whipping awesome off-center ponytail. Cannot stop laughing at this video.

"When you buy a car, how do they get it on the scale?"

Wanting Dad to play Uno with her while he's unloading the dishwasher. Her solution: "Just have Mom do it. She's the maid."

"Dad, is Toy Story real? Tell me the truth." "No, it's not real." "*Sigh*, I knew it."

Evan reprimanding her for not going to sleep the other night. He exits her room and closes the door enough to make her think he's gone - she immediately picks up her barbie and starts brushing the hair. Evan reprimands and exits again. She immediately grabs the top of her Rapunzel tower toy (she is sleeping on the floor so the tower is above her head) and is pulling it down towards her when Evan opens the door. She promptly drops the tower...on her head. And wants consoling. We totally high-five'd when Evan recounted this story.


Lani said...

I know JUST how you feel, Avery. Yes, I was that little girl... I can totally relate. :) Awesome video. Sure glad nobody takes videos of me doing that. Ha.

Cheri said...

oh she her mothers daughter?

Anita said...

She sounds like me... I'm still sort of that way... oops! ;) What a cutie, though (her not me!)

Mj said...

love her imagination and style..she's a cool kid!