Friday, August 26, 2011

So long, Sadie-Dog -correction!- Hallelujah! She Lives!!

I really, really, really wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. Of course I eventually found out that I'd have to euthanize. That was the end of that dream. I still remember the heartache I felt when Adeline broke the news to me that animals don't go to Heaven. My semi-OCD need for cleanliness has dampened my love for animals in the years that have passed. However, my throat still got choked up this morning to learn that Sadie is being put down. It made Evan a little misty-eyed as well. After all, he was responsible for her permanent wink! She was a good ol' pooch. It's going to be a lonely farm without her.

**Turns out it may just be an inner ear thing. They let her live. Whew. Boy, what a way to prep yourself for the future, eh!?


Lani said...

I'm sorry, Shannon. :(

MOM said...

second attempt at a first one dissappeared..
dad brought sadie home from the vet with 2 bottles of may be an inner ear issue..or giving that a try..she still wags her tail...and winks..