Monday, July 11, 2011

She Shakes Her Head in Disbelief.

There was a stretch of time in my life when I couldn't sleep during the night. I'd wake 3-4 times an hour all night long. Interestingly enough, when my first baby was born I could finally sleep; I was exhausted. While it has significantly improved, I still don't sleep the night through unless I take drugs or ingest aged grapes. Last night was awful. The longest stretch of zzz's I got was 42 minutes. It gives a person lots of time to think when said person is too lazy to get up and be productive in the dead of the night and prefers to suffer in near agony. The night lasted f.o.r.e.v.e.r. And e.v.e.r. Yay.

You know what has gone by in an absolute blink of the eye? My first baby is SEVEN. In fact, he turned 7, um, over a month ago. June 4, exactly. Total blink. Which makes me think maybe I need to savor the never-ending nights. Use them to my advantage. Dwell on things that ground me, people I love. Instead of doing my hamster-wheel of "whens" and "whatifs" and "becauses" and "maybes" and "blabbity blab" and "on and on and on."

So my kid had this great birthday party. And it's been over a month and I've yet to document its happening. Stellar Mommy. Nolan is....Nolan. He's inquisitive and a titch cynical and 100% comfortable in who he is. He is all about experiments and how things work. Which is why a science party was completely up his alley. Lucky for us we have a friend down the street (for two more weeks) who volunteered (or didn't dare say no) to be the nerdy (didn't have to alter himself) party entertainer (who he is by nature.) So I focused on the cupcakes and that was [nearly] the extent of my party planning. There was a lung capacity thing, oobleck, suck-an-egg-into-a-bottle -which turned into blow-the-eggtop-off, unsuccessfully blow a cd bubble, boil water in a balloon directly over a flame, the infamous Coke and Mento geyser. I feel like something is missing. Probably because it's been over a month since the party. Seriously. I resolve to stop blinking. Or figure out how to do it mindfully.

Happy belated birthday tribute to my favorite first-born! Thanks be to the guests who made the party. Thanks be to C and his infinite geekdom! Here's me wishing the eighth year passes s.l.o.w.l.y.


Mindy said...

it goes way too fast. it seems like just yesterday that i was holding a newborn ayla & you were waiting for nolan to hurry up & be born. looks like he had an awesome party!

Anita said...

Ditto Mindy- that party looks like it was memorable!!