Thursday, May 26, 2011

the little bits that make my life.

"Her thoughts were like torn bits of paper blowing around." - Francie, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I always cringe a bit when writing these posts that tend to center on me, myself and I. Who cares? That's what a blog is really for though, eh? That and cute pictures of One's kids. Which I don't have because I've been too busy to take pictures properly. In the hullabaloo of the day, I felt a blog post rolling in. We'll see what becomes of the bits.

Wake up at 6:59 - one minute before my alarm is due. I feel cheated. The house is stuffy and a titch muggy. Evan took all the storm windows out for paint prep so we had to sleep with the windows shut lest some varmint crawl in. I'm okay with this - sleeping with the windows open in the city never ceases to make me uneasy. I settle on the couch with my tea and Esther 1-3 for a bit before Cole stumbles out. I wish you could see him in the morning. Makes your heart mushy. He immediately wants "rehfast."

I've never fed my kids Malt-o-Meal. I bought a box last night on a whim. They were not impressed. Nolan - "it smells good but doesn't taste very good." Ahh, well. They ate it without too much fuss with blueberries, chia and brown sugar. I got my ego inflated a bit at the grocery store last night. I got stopped in the parking lot and was asked "are you married?" I was wearing a long jean skirt, black cardigan, flats and had my hair in a bun. My inquirer - a do-rag wearin' gangsta. Honest. Attracted to the modest bunhead? Huh? Okay then. My head deflated enough to fit through the door.

School run happens. 9-12:30 - I do a final scrape of the backside of the house and prime it. The kids are busy in the house with tape and scissors. No joke. After a giraffe gets a haircut I decide Netflix Nanny can take over. They zone out to some talking animal movie until it's time for lunch. We picnic it and lay in the sun for an hour to work on our freckles. Every watermelon I've had this season has been awesome. 1:30 - 2:30 - Powerwash the south side of the house while Cole naps. 2:30 Kiss my husband when he comes home from job #1 for job #2. Do some laundry and dishes before leaving at 3:15 to pick up Nolan from school. I have a few minutes to sit while waiting for him. I finally finished reading a book only took 9 weeks. Honestly. I started reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It's a 10-day loan so I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend.

4:00 - Situate the kids at the table with a hefty snack. Powerwash half the front of the house. Remove the shutters. 5:00 - Throw gym clothes on. Pick the biggest chunks of paint out of my hair. 5:30- 6:30 - Nazi led group cycle. 21 miles and a nice little puddle under the bike.
7:00 - Make supper. Fry some eggs for egg, cheese, ham sandwiches. Reheat some leftover roasted roots and green beans. Eat parsnips with my fingers while playing WordFued with my fab friend. Cut up a cantaloupe that was inedible. Eat.
7:30 - 8:15 - Powerwash the remainder of the front and a quarter of the north side before Evan gets home from JB and takes over. Hit the shower for my daily scalding vice. Put kids to bed. Make husband's supper. Empty dishwasher. Plunk my backside on the couch next to my better half.


I didn't say the bits were interesting.

To live, to struggle, to be in love with life - in love with all life holds, joyful or sorrowful - is fullfillment. The fullness of life is open to all of us.
-Betty Smith


Lani said...

I'm glad to see you liked A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It is my favorite. Brilliantly written. And I very much enjoyed reading your little bits. :) You're a busy family!

Neisha said...

I loved that book too!
Yes, you are very busy!!

Shannon said...

lani - so many fantastic quotes in it. in fact, i'm amending this post with another.

Mj said...

if you don't write a book someday i'm going to sob. reading your writing is like eating that watermelon you spoke fondly of..i wish i could write like you.

so you finished it , huh? i'm skipping around in it.

is every day like this?

i gotta go try and compete with you , now, today...thanks for posting!!

Shannon said...

mj - not that book. that was a read in a day book...and not thoroughly...only the parts that really kicked me upside the head. this was 'tree grows in brooklyn' that took me 9 weeks. kid not. but, when i only have 2 minutes a day to read a novel....that's what happens.

yes, every day is like this - at least it has been for the last 3 weeks. once the house is done...then maybe we can relax. though, i can't ever just sit on my butt. too much to do.

Mindy said...

you mean you don't nap every day?!

Sara, Justin, Simon and Max said...

Thanks for the post. I LOVE learning about how other people live their lives! So fun to think about and I always learn something for myself (like we should try parsnips). :) Anyway, funny on the rag-wearin' dude. I always had "issues" with the not-so-staunch Muslims at college. I think they are used to the modestly-dressed so when they see one they are so surprised and interested. ;P

The J's said...

I read a Tree grows in Brooklyn years ago, and countless times since. It's on my list of best reads.
Hmmm, and MJ expects us to "compete" with you?? ;D

Mj said...

i didn't mean compete writing wise...i meant to get off my duffer and do some deeds!! i can't compete with your writing..actually i'm too old and i know and accept we are who we are and we write how we write and aren't i just thankful i have blogging buddies that keep me entertained?

Anita said...

A day in the life of a stay-at-home mom... I'm impressed that your energy level stays with you to get it all done!!
I enjoyed the post, too. And loved that last quote. And- now I'd like to read 'Tree Grows in B'lyn'. :)