Friday, March 04, 2011

Eating Crow. Again.

I've been sick. A very lengthy bout of lethargy and malaise. Prior to that I'd put my back out. Things have gotten put on the back burner around here. Let's just briefly mention that I sanded the wrong side of our bathroom door last week. So now we have to find stain to match to redo. And I still have to sand the correct side. And paint it. And buy new hinges for the cupboards. One of which I tried to take the easy way out and use liquid sander. What a joke. The paint is already chipping off. Remember that this bathroom project started almost exactly two years ago? Mmmhmm. Sooooo. I'm feeling mighty fine today. Got up early for my ultrasound to check my spleen and kidney function. Stopped by the lab to get my blood work redone. Got home around 9:15 just in time for the delivery of my daycare kiddos. Toby takes a snooze while everyone else has a heyday playing in the boys' room. I'm having a grand time digging my kitchen out from under the layer of grime that is life. I was feeling generous and even cleaned Bait's bowl. Remember back when I said something like "I almost always know where and what my kids are doing?" That sure was foolish. Nolan spent Sunday-Wednesday in bed. Literally slept all day, every day. Last night he was coughing quite a bit in the night so I got up to give him some honey based cough syrup. Let's come back to the present. Enter Cole. Sitting on the floor in the middle of the area rug in his room. He had dumped half the bottle of sticky honey syrup on the rug and was smearing it around with his hands. Everywhere. He'd even taken a baby wipe and was trying to clean it up. Dear soul that he is. May I remind you that it's the dead of winter. And that the only way I know of to clean an area rug is to take it outside and pressure wash it on the driveway. Turns out the boys' floor is gorgeous. And it was in dire need of cleaning. And we found lots of treasures under the bed. Don't go thinking he did me a favor now. And I do realize I was the one who left the syrup out, yes. I also think I have a penchant for beginning sentences with "and." And we'll leave it at that.


mom said...

Crow getting tough to chew on??? ha
You were happily doing your thing and so was Mr Cole..
Had not heard about your sanding spree..wasnt that where you were when he damaged the cupcakes..haha..

Mimi/Susan said...

one can you sand the wrong side of a door? I mean, like weren't you doing it because of redecorating a bath or something like that? just asking..I feel better about myself for a few minutes here...:)

Shannon said...

hush up, susan!!! =) well, was off the hinges and downstairs in the dim light. and i double checked two times to be sure it was the right side...apparently i didn't take into account that it was upside down. or something. i don't know. i really don't. brain fog.

Mj said...

you're beyond me. you're deathly sick and yet you have projects galore and day care kids and sick kids and..i don't know. i can't keep up. just please get better. i get worried.