Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Lurky Yummy Tummy!

[Insert some diddy here that acknowledges that I'm a blog flunkee. Throw in some excuse about Facebook being easier and more rewarding.]

I'm baaaaack! As you can see, I've been absent for some time. See above. I have managed to keep my booklist updated and I've read some real quality stuff these days. And some pure fluff as well. Life needs balance.
Since I've last posted:
  • My kids have challenged me.
  • They've said funny stuff. Constantly.
  • If it weren't for the amazingness that is the YMCA, my butt would have taken on the shape of the van seat. Call me Mommy Bus.
  • I've had fun, fun times with friends.
  • Oh, I had a very mild case of shingles and a whopper sinus infection.
  • Nolan had the oinker flu (diagnosed by me) and didn't pass it on to the rest of us.

Which brings us up to current things I think. We came to The Farm Tuesday afternoon and are here through Sunday. Food, food, food, kitties, kitties, kitties.

This is Big Daddy. He's made his moves on Mama Kitty. Her tummy's getting quite round. He robbed the cradle, too. She's hardly full grown.

My Manly Husband keeping the wood box filled so we can stay cozy and warm in the house.

Like Father, Like Son. After Turkey Naps.

Hand & Foot. I lost. I have an excuse. A 15-month one.

Here he is! He's a bit under the weather. Loves his thumb and belly button. Together. Doesn't so much like one without the other. Makes zipup pj's a hindrance. As are onesies or overalls.

Found Mom's old comic book stash. Life is good.

A doll even though he's a bit 'off.'


Lani said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you had a great one.

Neisha said...

glad you updated. loved all the pictures. you're baby sure is getting big! amazing how fast they grow in the first year

Mindy said...

missed you - glad you're back.

Amber said...

I love that he loves his belly button and so cute :)

Nate, Natalie & Klara Mink said...

Ahhh, I see Avrie's fun face she is making and now I am wondering if Klara taught her or if Avrie taught Klara! It has been her favorite thing to get us to do lately.

The J's said...

I'm glad your back too! My little grandaughter does the thumb & bellybutton thing too!

Cheri said...

love the button! what happened to alan's face? looks a bit like daddy kitty!

Mj said...

welcome back. i'm back too. hee hee. never have seen the thumb and belly button combo! whatever works! see ya round then, ha!!

Mindy said...

hey, i just finished pretty in plaid & i loved what she wrote at the end. you know, when she had the radio interview? i seriously do not remember the last time i laughed so hard. craig thought i was nuts.

Shannon said...

everytime i've read her book i've wanted to read and read and read to evan and he got so annoyed! i love, love, love her abrasiveness. if that's a word. you'll FOR SURE have to read 'bitter is the new black''s awesome. she gets slightly humbled =)