Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Avrie, what would you like for your birthday?

pretty hair stuff
princess pillowcase (but she doesn't even have a pillow...)
a big elephant
a baby elephant
a picture of water bottles
pictures of glasses
pictures of eyes (wahoo! related to me!)
pictures of harmonicas
pretty lights
kid books
nails. pretty nails.

"What would be the absolute BEST present?"

a big kitty! *Awe. I kind of wish I was willing to put up with cat hair and litter boxes. Again. But I'm not.*


The J's said...

Aw, cute! Happy Birthday Avrie!

Gwen said...

i have the perfect kitty..he is black and acqauinted with your house even.... he comes with a litter box..
his name is franklin. but i would miss him so she can still visit him here:)

Lani said...

Yeah... the boys keep asking for puppies, but that's not gonna happen either.