Thursday, August 27, 2009


I took Avrie and Cole in this morning for their yearly checkups. All is well with both. The NP was asking Avrie questions to get her to spill the family secrets. The conversation went something like this:

NP: Do you have a bike, Avrie?
A: Yep.
NP: Do you have a helmet? (Fishing for signs of irresponsible parent, I imagine.)
A: I have two. A bear one and a butterfly one.
NP: Do you like to play?
A: Yep. With kid stuff.
NP: What kind of kid stuff?
A: Swords.
Mom: What?!! (To my knowledge, they have never played swords. Hmmm...LORI?!)
NP: Swords?
A: Yeah. I fight with my brother. (Ahhh, that's true.)
NP: What kinds of foods do you like to eat, Avrie?
A: Pamatoes. (A cross between a potato and a tomato, perhaps?) And peppers. And chicken.
NP: Do you like fruit?
A: Yep. Fruit AND grapes.
NP: Do you drink milk?
A: Yep. I love chocolate milk.
Mom: *gulp* She really only drinks chocolate milk once a week. If that.
NP: Believe me...I'm impressed that she said "pepper". Chocolate milk is the least of my worries.

Ahhh, kids.


Gwen said...

she does have her very own mind..and not afraid to make it known..fact or fiction...haha..loved it when she was looking at gpa lowell and harold who were both wearing yellow and she told them they matched.

Cheri said...

whatever she is eating, its definitely nourishing her imagination