Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cole Says:

See that basket of toys there? Why would I play with all those when I have these fun electrical cords?

*My Mother is not an idiot. She removed the cords after this photo was taken. Well...she might have let me play with them for a *little* bit. Of course, *little* is subjective. She didn't let me plug them in. Honest.

**I'm pretty darned stinkin' adorable, eh?


Mimi/Susan said...

His hair looks like it is full of "electricity"! Are you sure it wasn't plugged in? And there's just a little bit of "moisture" near the subject. What a cutie.

Neisha said...

very much!!

ethel said...

yeah ( in answer to his question)!!

The J's said...

totally adorable :)