Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Haven't felt much like blogging lately, obviously. But here's an update just so ya know I'm alive!

  • Bathroom is really coming along thanks to my handy husband. He finished the plumbing for the tub last night and I had my first bath in probably two months this afternoon while the kids napped. Yay!
  • Nolan and Avrie spent a few days at Grandma and Grandpa's last week/end. It was a wonderful break for us. We got a lot accomplished on the bathroom and even went on a sushi date.
  • I learned how to make soap last Saturday. Quite the process. There was great food, friends and conversation!
  • I've been reading, reading, reading. I haven't been doing much else.
  • Loving spring...loving the walks outside. And all the fresh air that results in NAPS!
  • Nolan told me on Sunday, "Mom, that shirt looks really nice on you!" I think I may have blushed.
  • Last night at supper Nolan prayed first and then Avrie copied him. Except she forgot a vital part according to Nolan. "Avrie! You have to be thankful for God every time. You have to. You always have to be thankful for God. Now say it again and then say amen."
  • Cole is my little snuggle machine. Can't get enough of that baby. It's so hard to fathom that he may just be naughty some day.
  • Went out for supper with the girls last night and had the best dessert ever. Lemon Passion at Macaroni Grill. I found a copycat recipe and can't wait to have company so I can try it.


Mindy said...

so are you going to start making all your own soap now? i've been enjoying the soap anna gave us - smells so good!

Jenny said...

We'd be happy to be guinea pigs for the new recipe!

Anonymous said...

aren't little boys sooo sweet sometimes?? peyton has been telling me lately when we're getting ready for supper that "supper smells soooo good mom!" i just beam from ear to ear. he may just be starving tho that any burnt food smells good.
cole looks sooo happy outside! and those pics of you and nolan together are really cute. if i were you, i'd have prints of those all around the house!