Thursday, February 05, 2009

Drat that human nature...

The kids and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather this afternoon and went for a walk. We walked to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I told the kids if they were good they could have a treat when we got home. Avrie was not good. When we approached the checkout she asked for her treat and I said NO. This resulted in a screaming-no-nap-today tantrum that lasted all 5 blocks home. Not to mention the 10 minutes we waited in line to checkout. Upside is that it wore her out and she had a great nap after we got home. I'm rocking her to sleep and this is the conversation:

A: I want a treat.
M: No. You were naughty in the store.
A: I'm not naughty.
M: You're not naughty. But your human nature is and we're not going to reward it.
A: *Thinks a minute.* That was mean.
M: What was mean?
A: That human nature. It was mean.

Yup. Get used to it, kid!


Tim and Melissa said...

Wow, go little smarty pants!

Gwen said...

unfotunately honey girl you are stuck with that all your life..sigh....and if it anything like gmas you will be in for a ride.

Mindy said...

haha! don't you look at sweet little cole & find it hard to believe that he will ever act naughty?

ethel said...

i love your conversation with her..what a cutey smarty super child! i bet you smiled...for awhile at least at that one!

Pam said...

Totally agree with her - it is mean!

Trina said...

thats funny! She seems like she's one smart cookie!