Friday, November 07, 2008

We're at The Farm this weekend (Thur-Sat). Last night for supper my mom made a roast. She eats a little bit of roast with her horseradish. Avrie decided she wanted to try it being she's 2 and all about dipping things. She loved it. Fingerfulls. (Apparently "fingerfulls" isn't a word. I disagree. Maybe fingersfull instead?) I wish I would have had the presence of mind to grab the camera and get her reaction on video. She'd put a fingerfull in her mouth and a few seconds later her eyes would bug out and water. Over and over again! She did this a couple weeks ago with Taco Bell's hot sauce. Crazy kid.

Last night Evan comes in the house around 10 to put on some warmer clothes. He had been outside helping my dad fix some farm thingee. (Love my knowledge of farm things....ha! I stayed in the house and read books as a child.) Anyway, he had a lead rope tied around his waist and I made the mistake of asking what it was for. He is working on top of the grain bin and the rope is insurance. I would make the worst farm wife. I worry enough about him driving to and from work. We always tease Grandma Ardis about being such a worrywart. I think I inherited it.

It was a beautiful winter wonderland here this morning but it has all melted this afternoon. Nolan has been chanting all day "It's the last day of winter". If only.


Cheri said...

Remember when Grandma wouldn't let us go out and play with the boys, because it was dangerous? In hindsight, she was probably right!!

Ever saw a picture of a horse radish? I hadn't until this morning, now I know why its called a horse radish.

Shannon said...

HAHAHA!!!!! my gracious!!! google images is amazing!!

Jana said...

Kids are soo funny, great amusement for everyone.

Lani said...

Would have LOVED to see Avrie stuffing her face with that pot roast. What a cutie. ;)