Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog? I have a blog?

We've been super duper busy these days. I've slacked big time blogging and have failed to provide my faithful readers from all over creation (sheesh!) some good entertainment.

Recent Nolanism : "Kissing! * giggle giggle * That'd be neat!"

Tantrum City = Avrie Rose. Any tips on dealing with a 2-year-old female would be greatly appreciated. I've all but thrown a glass of water in her face. Which is so, so, SO tempting. I've even threatened it and she's taken aback by just that. I did give her a massive dose of chamomile yesterday morning and there hasn't been a full-out screaming fit since and they had been a multiple times daily occurrence for the last two weeks or more.

I've finally started exercising regularly for stress relief and to whip myself into quick shape for the upcoming cruise. I've made it a whopping three days in a row now! Wahoo! I can't justify the gym right now with our crazy schedule so I just dump the kids on Daddy when he gets home.

Here are some recent pictures in absolutely no order:

Bubble, bubble, bubble

This is what nap time looks like when Avrie is done.

Mama and Cole

Look! More bubbles! This is a result of a screaming fit. She gets so much mucous that she almost throws up. She had dripped all down into her furry coat. Lovely.

Our freezer SUCKS.


farron and cheri said...

Is that your new fridge/freezer?? Cole looks like a doll in that top pic, literally, except for the bubbles.

Tim and Melissa said...

The sheet that our pediatrician sends home after every check up has little hints on it on how to deal with your child at that stage. In dealing with temper tantrums, it says "simply ignore them". Did you just laugh as hard as I did when I read it? I have two daughters, but we have yet to discover the secret to dealing with the tantrums. I think I could make myself VERY rich if I did! Hang in there! :O)

And good for you for dumping the kids on daddy to go exercise/clear your mind. VERY good for the mentality of a mother!

I still think you're super mom!

Neisha said...

Justin's aunt use to throw water on her kids when they threw fits.
As for ideas, I can't help you. I never found anything that worked with Kylie when she was 2.

Mindy said...

i wonder if poor avrie isn't feeling well??? it doesn't seem like her.

Jenny said...

Rebecca was a horrible fit-thrower. She still is, come to think of it. Anything sets her off. She does seem to be getting a little better though. Sometimes when she had major fits I'd ask if she needed a hug (hard as it was!!!!). Sometimes it was as simple as that, but not always. I feel for you.

Lorene said...

Kaylee had the worst tantrums of any child i have ever seen. There is one that comes in the clinic occassionally that is a close second. The only way to "fix" them is to prevent them. And that is next to impossible..
I think 2 year olds have so many things they want to say/do their mind just gets we do sometimes..I think somewhere after age 40 i have grown out of having tantrums!!!!

Laura Ingalls Wilder said...

Just an observation of another mom's method ~ if the child was fussy/throwing a fit, they had to go to their room and when they were pleasant to be around, they could join the rest of the family. I never tried this, but I was impressed with her results. Her 3 year old would head off to her room w/out even being asked to go when she was being naughty.

Lani said...

When you get it figured out, let me know. Gavyn is totally unreasonable these days, and I can't hardly stand to listen to it, so I do what LIW suggested... I send him to his room and close the door. He can come out when he's done. It hasn't changed his behavior yet, but at least I don't go insane.