Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nature: Life's Teacher

Evan captured this handsome fellow for Nolan. He was beyond thrilled with it. His favorite birthday present was a bug house from Klara, the little girl we watch. It sleeps with him, goes to the store, park, meeting, funerals, etc. Most often I manage to get him to leave it in the car. Where it bakes his bugs. So we're learning about living and dying around here these days. It was fun telling him yesterday about how his caterpillar was going to turn into a butterfly. If only he can leave the house alone long enough! He's also learned that rocks don't work well in a bug house. Especially with a little sister who thinks it's a rattle. This butterfly will have light brown wings with cream edging and blue spots. If it manages to live.


Lani said...

What a fun gift. And I hope the catepillar lives... it sounds like he/she's got a beautiful future ahead.

Shannon said...

We've got a cocoon!