Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Nolan!

This is Mommy the night before you were born. In your bedroom, which you didn't use until you were 18 months! But we had it ready anyway.

Two days old. You're still my #1 little boy.

One year old. Look at your baby blues!

Two years old. You are too adorable for your own good. You look like you're up to something.

Three years old. Driving your new tractor that Mommy and Daddy got you for your birthday. You still drive it almost every day. It's getting easier to share with Avrie now that the initial thrill has worn off. But it's still YOURS. That we know for sure.

Here you are. All grown up at FOUR years old. I can't believe it. You should still be my little baby. I tell you almost every day that you need to stop growing up. You're getting too big for your britches (literally!) and so big that you're breaking Mommy's heart. There are so many things you love right now: baby lamb is #1; playing in the dirt, learning about EVERYTHING under the sun and even about the sun itself; teaching Avrie big kid stuff; telling Mommy all your wisdom, which often blows me away. My world would be so dark without you in it. Happy Birthday Sweetiecheeks! I love you heaps and heaps.


Mindy said...

happy birthday nolan! there is something so heartbreakingly big about being 4 isn't there shannon? it's bittersweet!

Cheri said...

Hope you have a great birthday Nolan!!

Tim & Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, little man!

Amber said...

Aww..cute little tribute. Elliot turned 6 yesterday, it's getting hard because I'm not that "cool" anymore. I hate the part where the kids start to think the mom's a dork:( We're not there quite yet, and thankfully boys are supposed to easier on their moms!

Lani said...

Happy Birthday, Nolan! And if you take your time at growing up, it'll be easier on your momma. M'kay? Sweet post, Shannon. Not to beat a dead horse, but it goes fast, huh?

ethel said...

oh my goodness! i thought that was you now...allready ready to pop! wow..i must say i was relieved the further on the post went and i realized, well, that it was Nolan in there! happy birthday ,'re only almost exactly 3 months older than Teagan...her b'day is Sept. 3rd! Even though the 3s have been feisty and potty training challenged...i know what they mean about 4 being bittersweet. I want to hang on to my baby! happy year cute guy!!