Sunday, June 22, 2008

35W Bridge Progress

After supper last night we went down to see the bridge construction. The sun was setting right in front of us so it was hard to get a decent picture. It's crazy...I can't even begin to imagine what all goes into making a bridge. We got to watch a boat go through the dam...the kids thought that was pretty cool.

Checking it out.

We come to see a huge bridge being built and my kids are more interested in the drain. Typical!

There's just something about pictures of the back of their heads.

Stopped at a local family-run place for ice cream on the way home.


Gotta catch the drips.


Lani said...

Is this the one that collapsed? Cute pictures of the kiddos. I want a bite... of the ice cream, not the kiddos. ;)

Tim & Melissa said...

Those cones look mighty delicious!

Gwen said...

one ponytail!! strawberry and??? orange ??
sticky childrens..summer..ahhhhh
xoxoxoxoxo gma

ethel said...

we passed by there on our way home the ice cream pictures..looks like nummy stuff!