Friday, May 23, 2008

Potty Talk

Almost daily conversations (if you can call them that):

Mom: Nolan! Why did you pee in your undies again?
Nolan: *Shrug*
M: I know it's not an accident, Nolan. You know you have to go.
N: *Shrug*
M: I'm sick and tired of this. Where do you go pee?
N: On the toilet.
M: Good. Why don't you go there?
N: *Shrug*
M: Aaarrgghhh.

Mom: Nolan, it looks like you need to go poop. Go sit on the toilet and try to get it out.
Nolan: No, I don't have to go.
M: Yeah. You. Do. You're squeezing your butt cheeks together and walking on your tippy toes.
N: *Shrug* I don't haff ta.
M: Go. NOW.
N: I want a diaper.
M: Arggh. Fine. (Go to put a diaper on him and there's a big poop smear or more in his underwear).
M: I am so, so sick of this Nolan. You can't keep holding your poop in or we'll have to go back to the doctor. Do you want that?
N: No.
M: Well POOP then.
N: *Shrug* (Doesn't poop for another day at least).

This afternoon he's wearing Avrie's tinkerbell underwear. He's not happy about it but he has no clean ones left. Am I creating a complex here? Am I going to turn my son into a 'little girls' undies loving pervert"? I. HATE. POTTY TRAINING. I thought we had rounded the bend and were 99% done. And now he's peeing in his pants all the time.

On an up note...Avrie pooped on the toilet today! Whoohoo!


strawb3rry16 said...

zane, the boy i nanny, was JUST like that! he went thro a phase (VERY long phase!) of peeing in his underwear 3-4 times a day...AND he was potty trained!! EXTREMELY frustrating. He still does the poop thing..grabbin his butt, running around and denyin he has to poop. then when he poops...poop smear. he's 5, soon to be 6 in September. Must be a boy thing!!! so feel better knowing that other boys do it too! ;)


Cheri said...

wonder what would happen if you just put him back in diapers and ignored it

Amber said...

It's cuter when it not me...when I was potty training Elliot, he would go pee, but not poop. I finally put a suppository up there. We did that twice, and it was done. Don't have much advice about the peeing, have you tried bribes?

Shannon said...

we've tried EVERYTHING. everything. we even put him back in diapers for a month. bribes don't work at all. not even all the candy in the world could make that kid poop.

Lani said...

We're in the same spot, but I don't fight Kekoa on it anymore. I hate making it a power struggle/negative thing. I've resigned myself to the fact it's gonna happen when he decides.

Neisha said...

is there anything that he wants really bad that you could bribe him with? once he goes poop on the potty for one week (or how ever long) then you will buy him _____.

Lani said...

Tried the buy a toy thing with Kekoa, but it definitely doesn't work for us. Worth a try, though, I suppose.

ethel said...

my sympathies are SINCERELY with you all the way. potty training was why i started a blog after all.. i needed some sanity. i wish you all the positive energy available in the universe!!!!!!!

ethel said...

i guess after reading the others' comments i rather agree with lani..i finally "gave up" on teagan and really tried not to talk about poop or pee....she's still kind of spunky about it...but she has dry pants night and day...she must have decided if she was going to be potty trained it meant at night too ...i'm not going to talk about it anymore cuz it may jinx things. good luck and try and breathe.