Friday, May 09, 2008

Physical Therapy Results

I scheduled an appointment yesterday for PT today for my back/butt. I also told Evan last night that I will not be doing pregnancy again. But I also told him that when I was pregnant with Avrie. So, time will tell!

The therapist felt around for a few minutes and had me lie down. Which takes me several minutes and something just short of screaming. She then states she's absolutely shocked that I've lived like this without steady narcotics. Thank you. I almost hugged her. Having my pain recognized and validated is so wonderful. My pelvis is severely disengaged. Which results in severe pain in my sciatic area and hip. If you make two fists and put them side by side and then move the right fist down so the knuckles are even with the wrist of the left hand...that's my pelvis. So I got refreshed on the exercises and hopefully we'll see some steady improvement. I'm supposed to ice twice a day, wear my brace from sunup to sundown and I'm banned from sitting on the couch. Hardback chairs, here I come.

I'm really hoping to get a boatload of recipes uploaded to my foodblog sometime in the next 24 hours. There are some super ones...keep your eye out!


Gwen said...

YEEEOW..feel your pain..
get into exercise routine..
banned from the couch..hmm..a way to not do that accidently would be to set mouse traps there:)
i still say you have more than one.

Anonymous said...

we had a mouse a few months ago, and jon bought some kind of trap-it was a little black rectangle with some very sticky stuff on it. we put them on the floors along the walls, since they run along the wall, and caught ours with in 12 hours....they were pretty cheap too.

Anonymous said...

oh, we saw the mouse in our kitchen, and it was caught on a trap in the i'd stick those traps everywhere in the house!

Lani said...

Oh, Shannon, I'm so sorry you're so miserable, but I hope this means help is soon on its way and you'll be feeling some relief soon. Hugs.

Shannon said...

shannon---we've had 6 sticky traps and 6 regular ones and two d-con baits. i'm going to search the house high and low for poop today and hopefully it/they've just left and what i saw was my imagination!

lani---thanks, me too. i did my exercises last night while evan was rocking avrie and i got stuck on the floor. literally could not get up. i'm glad it's a weekend so i can do them while evan is home for a couple days.

Lani said...

I remember similar things happening during pregnancy - the getting stuck on the floor bit. By the way, Happy Mother's Day! ;)

Mindy said...

i had similar problems towards the end of my pregnancy with ayla. i found a great chiro. in south st. paul. she lives in lake elmo so now i just go to her house to see her. anyway, she is really good at adjusting the pelvis. i can give you her info. if you'd like it. marjan got help from her during her last pregnancy too.

Shannon said...

i had bi-weekly chiro adjustments the last two months of my pregnancy with avrie but it didn't seem to hold and got way too expensive. i'm giving PT a try again and so far it's going really well. i haven't sat on a couch since friday and my exercises are getting easier. i haven't been quite as faithful with the bracing....i've been taking time out here and there. mindy, send me her name...maybe she's in my insurance network...that would be awesome! although it seems like the good ones never are!

Justin, Sara and Simon said...

I'm so glad someone validated your pain!!!! yay!!! That rocks! Also, that lampshade is the most adorable!