Thursday, April 10, 2008

HumDrum, Dreary, Lackluster, Dismal, Insipid

I'm glad the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" doesn't apply to blogging.

  • have a black cloud over my head.
  • a brick on my chest.
  • feel empty.
  • am so lonely.
  • am constantly on the verge of melting into a mess.
  • haven't exercised in over a week.
  • can't communicate.
  • need to take care of myself.

Have a nice, uplifted day!


Cheri said...

At least your vocabulary isin't lacking!

Shannon said...

yeah, i used =)

Lani said...

You sound like Charlie Brown... maybe Lucy could hold a football for you to kick. ;)

Seriously, though, I'm sorry you're feeling so down in the dumps. Maybe next week the weather will warm up. This snow and wind predicted has me kinda glum, too... I just am not pregnant so don't have that to compound the feeling. Hugs.

Mindy said...

what's wrong dear? why are you feeling empty? i hope you seriously consider coming to visit us again. come for special mtg. next weekend!

Tim & Melissa said... about a bunch of words that I don't know A)what they mean or B)how to use them!!! Feel better!

Tim & Melissa said...

p.s.-do you think the weather might have a teeny tiny bit to do with it?!?!?!!!!!! Hang in there!

Amber said...

I wish I lived closer...I'd bring you something nice and take care of you. I hope you feel better soon. I don't think it helped that we had two days of gorgeous weather, and now it's been rain/sleet for a week. Take care;)

Justin, Sara and Simon said...

*big hug*

ethel said...

i always feel compelled to sound super cheery or at least not too sad even when blogging because ..just because so it's kind of refreshing to hear you just be honest and how you are today. i know with my first pregancy, Timothy, i was up and down emotionally like crazy..blame it on being pg for now and find something real simple to focus on for awhile and relax..look at a candle burning, put on some soft music, look out the window at a tree and just let thoughts come and go without judgement...let yourself just be without demanding so gentle to yourself, girl!

Shannon said...

thanks, y'all. i do think the weather is a huge part of it. i also think i need a therapist for an unbiased ear. i did go out today with tara and that just get out of the house. although it was depressing when i had to put $70 of gas in the truck to get where i was going. so much for a free outing. evan has been working looonnnggg days...home for a late supper and to tuck the kids in bed. and gone before we get up. and the summer is coming and the hours will only get longer. so that's depressing too. i just really, really don't want to be back on meds...i feel like they messed with me more than helped me. well, i'm going to treat myself to a nice long nap---nolan permitting!