Friday, March 28, 2008

Zoo Day

We met Great Grandma, Grandma, Grayson & Trevin at the Zoo today. The baby farm animals are here and so adorable. Nolan loved the baby lambs...he sleeps with a stuffed one. I liked the baby pigs...reminded me of my childhood.

I had my 16-week OB check today and everything is just peachy. Scheduled my ultrasound for April 25th. We can't wait to find out what this little bundle is. We already have a girl name picked out and can't seem to find a boy name so maybe things will be easy for us. Haha...that's never the case.

Goofing Off

Grayson and his cool shades!

Trevin & Nolan

Avrie was smitten with this bunny. She petted him for a good 10 minutes and didn't want to leave. He was so soft...I can see why fur coats are made of them!

Nolan driving the John Deere. He had to be torn away!


Justin, Sara and Simon said...

So glad things are going well with the little baby in your tummy!

Lani said...

I always found it was harder to pick out boy names than girl names... and we've had two boys. Go figure.

Yay for a happy day at the zoo with family.