Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama Ba-ma Ma-Llama!

I hate politics. I don't understand it. I think it's ridiculous and I wish November was here already so I could hear about something else on the news. I don't know anything about the candidates except their names and gender.

So, I drop Nolan off at preschool today and sit and chat with the other moms for a while. They are all very involved politically. One of the moms is Dee Chaudhary, the wife of Satveer Chaudhary, state senator. She speaks all over the state and is very political, for lack of a better term. So they are all talking about how much fun they had at the caucus(es) and blah, blah, blah. Then they turn and look at me and wonder if I went. I shrink down in my seat and admit that I'm embarassingly unpolitical and have no clue.

I understand the importance of having a good leader for our country. However, I think things get blown so far out of proportion. God's will will be done no matter who is in office. That I believe. And that's really all I need to worry about. Come closer to November I'll do a little soul-searching and praying and see where that leads me on the ballot. I will vote. I don't live in a free country for nothing.

As for now, I'm supporting Obama because he is HOT!


ethel said...

and you rock. i don't talk politics but if i did i couldn't have said it better than you

Mindy said...

i just had a long phone convo with my very political brother who is an EXTREME supporter of obama. i feel the same as you though about god being in charge etc. i can't wait to tell him that you'll be voting for obama cuz he's hot!!

Tim & Melissa said...

i agree with you on being sick and tired of the whole election campaign. enough already! i'll vote, but goodness knows who it will be for. i know nothing about either of them, except that hillary used to be the first lady and obama has some odd/maybe-not-so-good ties. good thing someone higher than us is in control!

SimpleAutoQuote said...

"As for now, I'm supporting Obama because he is HOT!"

WOW, well enjoy his hotness while you can, because I am sure you will think same after he instills his policy. Hillary is very Liberal, Obama is a Socialist, which means he is much more liberal than Hillary, he just hasn't stuck his foot in his mouth...yet. He is a captivating canidate, motivational in his speech, but all of this speeches consist of the same retoric. "We are tired of the same way of doing things, we need change, we need to doing something about our country, and I Obama will provide the change, we will change history." Like a broken record, over and over again and people continue to support him. One must treat politics like they treat anything else in their like, logic, common sense. Politics is not complicated, politicians try to make them at way, so the common person gets confused and loses interest, that is how they give themselves job security and become more powerful. When I vote for any canidate I keep things simple, what is most important to me; GOD, Language, Border, Culture and less taxes which in turn mean less government. It can be easy to understand politics, don't become overwhelmed by terms and policies used in governement you don't need to know them all. ie: Filibuster, Gerrymandering, Swing state, red doper diaper baby, turn coat.