Friday, January 04, 2008

Random Friday

  • Avrie sits down on the floor, pulls her socks off and says "oils". She is also working on forming the word "remedy". I love my alternative children!
  • Nolan informed me that grandpa lives at the cemetery and then wondered if he had his eyes open.
  • Evan suggested sushi for our anniversary this Sunday!!! Yipeeee!
  • I'm going to Unique for snowpants this afternoon. Last time we were there we lost Avrie's shoe. So we'll look for that too.
  • I'm deciding that I don't need to mop my floors for meeting Sunday. No one will notice or care if they do. I'll just have to mop it again after anyway.
  • Evan also suggested going to BodyPump tomorrow morning. What?!!? I got him to go with me on Monday and on Tuesday night he said to me "curse you and your BodyPump". He must not be sore anymore.


Mindy said...

Isn't the oil thing awesome? When Ayla was about Avrie's age she had an earache & immediately asked me for "oydal"!

Shannon said...

yes! she knows it makes her feel better. she smells like a walking apothecary! oh, on the bottle of oregano it says to dilute 1 drop of oil in 4 drops of carrier oil and put in a capsule.

Cheri said...

Thats funny, when Elliot pulls his sock off he says "foot". Bodypump? Farron would NEVER!

Lani said...

My floor doesn't get mopped for Sunday, either. Hee. Notice my resolutions didn't include keeping my house cleaner... just less cluttered. :) said...

Shannon??!! come and visit me. I'm a newbie but i can't wait to learn more how you are doing! I can't believe we have kids at the same time. I always considered myself so much older than you( which i am) however, we have a lot in common! Glad you're being so healthy! love ya!