Tuesday, January 08, 2008

100 Things About Me - Round 2

Round 1 is in December 2007 if you missed it.

1. I don't decorate for the seasons. At all.
2. I want to learn to embroider rockin' pillowcases.
3. If I could adopt a new style it would be punk rocker-pink hair-big boots-pierced-chick. Also fitting for this number: we have number 3 in the oven.
4. Evan and I caught a drumstick from a Collective Soul concert way back when. Some guy offered us $100 for it and we turned him down! Why in the world?!
5. I never met my maternal grandma.
6. I loved oyster soup when I was little. One time my parents told me to chew the oysters very well. I got a sandy one. It was a long time before I tried oysters again.
7. My brother locked me in a trunk once (not a car trunk, a blanket trunk) and I could hardly breathe by the time he let me out.
8. I once fed a litter of kittens with a syringe after their mother got hit by a car.
9. I've had my amalgams replaced with composites. I have a healthy, beautiful mouth now!
10. New socks are such a simple pleasure.
11. It's kind of embarrassing how little I wash our sheets. I'm getting better.
12. When I was little my Dad had to store corn in the shed. We would climb the walls to the rafters and jump into the corn below. Wheeeeeeee. We got filthy.
13. We would also slide down the metal roofs in the winter into the snow pile below. And occasionally rip a hole in our snowpants from nail heads.
14. I hate chocolate ice cream. Ewee.
15. I don't get PMS.
16. I helped castrate pigs as a kid.
17. I also helped butcher chickens.
18. I grew up right next door to my Grandpa and Grandma and don't feel like know them at all.
19. I need help finding my passion in life. So far nothing has revealed itself. I have a closet full of yarn. I have paints and canvases. It hasn't been touched for ages. Maybe making lists and blogging is my niche. How boring.
20. I love me a good spider roll. Yum.
21. I hope I'm raising my kids to be adventurous eaters. Meat and potato people slightly annoy me.
22. I once threw a scale down a trash chute from the 3rd floor. I listened to it smash to smithereens on the concrete floor. It was awesome. Then a couple years later I bought another one. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
23. I don't like smelly candles.
24. I hate Bath & Body Works products. They stink to high heaven.
25. I want my blonde hair back.
26. I walked in front of a kid swinging in 3rd grade. His feet kicked me in the chest and tossed me back almost 10 feet. I bit through my tongue. I can still taste the blood.
27. I won the chin-hang contest in elementary school. I hung for almost 3 minutes. I tried to do it at the playground this summer and lasted almost 5 seconds!
28. I got my period in 4th grade and my "best friend" told the entire playground. Except nobody knew what she was talking about. I cannot believe they waited until 5th grade for Sex Education. I sure hope this has changed.
29. I can't stand it when Evan spins donuts and fishtails. We fight about it every single winter. It's so irritating that he doesn't just listen to me and STOP DOING IT. I don't get why making girls mad is a turn-on for guys. Just plain don't get it. If we're mad at them they won't get what they really want...so what's the point? I doubt any men besides my Dad read my blog but maybe someone can enlighten me.
30. I wish I could run.
31. We went parking once near Fort Snelling so we could watch (haha) the airplanes fly overhead. We got the ol' flashlight knock on the window.
32. I failed my driver's test the 1st time. I couldn't parallel park. I still can't. At least not without jumping the curb or parking two feet away from it.
33. I write better than I talk. Is that the case for most people?
34. My stomach is vertically two-tone.
35. The last time I went down-hill skiing I accidentally went down a black-diamond. I got about half way down before I lost it and hit a few moguls. I still have bruised muscle tissue on my left thigh and it's been almost 10 years.
36. I don't agree with Dr. Laura's philosophy on marriage. I don't think wives should be rugs. We have needs too.
37. I can't handle scented laundry soap or dryer sheets. Who wants their clothes to smell like a meadow?
38. I wear my pajamas all day 4 out of 7 days a week. The same ones I slept in. I need to stop doing this...it makes me feel frumpy and grumpy and lumpy.
39. Not much beats a trashy novel and a bubble bath.
40. I love Dr. Seuss. I could read them over and over again to the kids. I love Mr. Brown Can Moo!
41. I've been to Alcatraz. San Fransisco is so fun. I love the Wharf and Chinatown. I've walked across the Golden Gate.
42. I have been on 5 or 6 cruises.
43. I don't like the beach. I hate getting all sandy and salty.
44. One time I thought I'd get an ocean spa treatment and scrubbed myself down with sand in the surf. Then I got back in my lounge chair and the sun dried me out and I ITCHED LIKE CRAZY. I itched so bad we had to go back to the boat. It was miserable. I'd recommend spending hundreds at the real spa.
45. In high school I would steal my brother's cigarettes out of his truck and throw them away. I wonder where he thought they went!!
46. I would love to be a food critic.
47. Or an editor. Which is strange since I happen to LOVE ellipsis's.
48. I find typos in almost every book I read.
49. I loved Lord of the Rings.
50. I got married and graduated from college before I graduated from high school. Talk about being in a hurry.
51. Patterns created by man are interesting. Patterns created in nature freak me out (like spores on the backs of ferns).
52. I can't stand wearing shorts.
53. I love sitting around campfires.
54. I think fireworks are a waste of money.
55. We have a Sleep Number bed and aren't too happy with it.
56. I've driven/ridden to Oklahoma straight through 3 times. To visit an inmate.
57. I can't mini-golf to save my life.
58. I worked as a dye-spotter at Herff Jones throughout High School. I fixed zits and scars.
59. I have to eat breakfast. Most important meal of the day. I judge you if you eat a bowl of sugar cereal. I usually eat eggs or greek yogurt with fruit and/or granola and some type of meat.
60. They know me by name at the library.
61. I don't really care for cake.
62. I can't stand it when people feed my kids junk food behind my back. Seriously. It's rude.
63. People who prefer one gender of children annoy me.
64. I make amazing scrambled eggs. They should be soft and creamy...not seperated into rubbery chunks!!
65. I don't know how I lived without ice and water in my fridge.
66. There are so many things I'm unsure about.
67. Politics go over my head. I'll trust that God will appoint who is best to allow His will to be done. End of story.
68. My dad made us breakfast every morning before school until we were old enough to drive and didn't wake up early enough to do much more than shower. Thanks Dad!
69. I overdry our clothes. This is mostly because I forget about them and they get all wrinkly and need to tumble with heat to unwrinkle. And because there's nothing worse than damp clothes that get folded and put away. Ewweee mildew. I airdry the important ones.
70. Someone who has no children is not qualified to tell others how to raise theirs.
71. Hot tubs are really, really gross. I realize this isn't something about me. Just a thought I had today. I'm running out of personality!
72. I crack my eggs and put the empty shells back in the carton because I'm too lazy to throw them away. It would drive me crazy if someone other than myself did this.
73. I feel sorry for people who think Red Delicious are apples. Visit an orchard.
74. Five things always in my fridge: butter, raw milk, yogurt, assorted nuts, eggs.
75. Five things always in my freezer: ground beef, TJ's naan, ice, ice cream, veggies.
76. Ten things always in my pantry: herbs and spices, tea, dried fruit, assorted canned tomatoes, sardines and/or tuna, assorted canned beans, flour, sugar, cornmeal, chocolate.
77. I hope to get back into creating soon. I need some art for my walls. I've got several collages in mind.
78. Eat a raw egg already. An organic, free-range one of course. It will not kill you. I mix raw egg yolks into juice for the kids. Gives them an extra boost of nutrition and slows down the sugar absorption. And they don't know it's there.
79. I have a birthmark on the back of my right calf.
80. 5 kitchen things I couldn't function without: crockpot, Wustof knives, Le Creuset 4-quart enamel-lined pot, stainless steel pots and pans, electric beaters.
81. I love my husband. He's, like, the best EVER.
82. I love a good debate. I wish our school had had debate.
83. I love Target. But who doesn't?
84. I hate Walmart. So. Much. Junk.
85. I had major neighbor envy at the Y this morning. A group of three moms were talking about who was going to host playdate that afternoon. They all lived next door to each other. They probably live in some yuppie development that I'll never be able to afford, but I want lovely neighbors so bad!
86. We're poor. We live paycheck to paycheck. We have zero savings. We still haven't paid for Avrie's birth. I'm fine with this because we are HAPPY. I know lots of people who have lots of money and are very NOT happy.
87. I shave my upper lip. I wonder how many women do who won't admit it. Mind you, I don't use a Bic.
88. The first year I planted my own garden I planted 12 tomato plants. No one told me I'd have them coming out my ears! The next year I only planted 6. The next year I planted 2.
89. I haven't used algebra since math class. What a useless tool.
90. I love going to the dentist. I'm definitely in the minority.
91. I love filling out paperwork and questionnaires.
92. I don't subscribe to any magazines.
93. We don't get the newspaper.
94. I should wear glasses or contacts but I don't. My glasses got smashed and my contacts dried out. I'm so responsible.
95. I love coloring. It's so therapeutic.
96. I hate scrapbooking.
97. I've never had a Thai curry I liked.
98. I love seafood. I haven't always. I could eat a whole plate of mussels.
99. I don't like baked potatoes. At all. They have the nastiest texture. Same with refried beans.
100. We are terrible at having company. Invite yourself over...we'd love to see you and feed you!


Mindy said...

Tee hee, it seems funny to think of Collective Soul. I used to love them. I also do my upper lip. There's one person you got out of the closet.

martha.org said...

#72 ..i do too because my mom did.
#76 Yes!! Especially the tea and chocolate.
#78 I'm feeling enlightened here
#81 mine is!!!
#84 I agree but i sorta hafta kinda here
#86 YES!
#88 I"m laughing cuz i did the same thing
#91 me also

Shannon said...

I don't hate people who shop at Walmart! Just Walmart itself!

Jenny said...

Whew! Sometimes for me it's a toss-up between Target and Wal-Mart since they're right across the road from each other. Some days I go to both. Target has better toys, by the way. Wal-Mart has more crafty things.

Shaama said...

I love reading your blog and I think you are such a fantastic mom! If I lived next door, I would watch your kids while you went grocery shopping...haha! I too... was blessed with the curse in Fourth Grade, Hate walmart but love Target, Laser my upper lip and TOTALLY disagree with Dr. Laura's philosophy on marriage but for some reason find her SO entertaining to listen to! Have a great night Shannon!

Shannon said...

i'm so annoyed by #60...it is under 61 in the edit format. grr. one more reason to switch to wordpress.

hi shaama! i'm curious, how much was laser removal, how many treatments and is it REALLY permanent? this is something i would highly consider!

Lani said...

Try editing in the HTML version for the #60 problem, Shannon.

I've often thought I could make a lot of money writing a counter to Dr. Laura's book on marriage. I'd call it The Proper Care and Feeding of Wives. :)

martha.org said...

Poor Dr. Laura ;-) Read a book called Love and Respect..pretty nice insight into the working of men's vs. women's brains. umm..ok confession here..I have done electolysis for all my hairy problems and sorry but it's not permanent as far as i can see. maybe laser is..if you find it is let me know!

martha.org said...

excuse me ..i know it's late but i'm just seeing what's new in the world after a busy day here and there's some little hinting happening here..is it my imagination or did you add a little something to # 3 and the buns thing ..as in bun in the oven( i'm in MOPS and when there is a bun in the oven it has major significance ) so...are you trying to tell us something????????

Shannon said...

yup, check my food blog for a pic of my little bun in the oven..heeheeeee!

jen martin said...

Hi Shannon! I don't know you and you don't know me, but I check your blog regularly (through Cheri's) and I thought it was high time that I left a comment! Your face is familiar to me, so I'm not sure if I've seen you at a convention in the past or a get together or what...but, anyway...

I wanted to say a few things. First...I *love* these "100 things about Me" posts that you put up! They're great! Honestly, some of the things you write just make me laugh out loud! :) But, if you don't mind, some day I might steal the idea and do something similar on my own blog. That's if I ever actually STOP and come up with a list! :)

Second...I want to compliment you on your writing. You are so honest and, really, that kind of honesty certainly helps other people feel "normal". :) But you also have a way of capturing your days and such...you have a talent in writing!

Third...may I put your blog link up on mine? Just let me know!

Fourth (and last!)...I know you mention living paycheck to paycheck and if you guys are REALLY interested in making a difference and getting a little cushion under you in case of emergencies, you really should check out Dave Ramsey's book. It's a simple method and it slowly helps you without breaking the bank! I've used it and had good success. Anyway, just a thought that I wanted to share, but I'm certainly not trying to sound preachy. :)

Thanks! Jen Martin- www.wiscogal.blogspot.com

jen martin said...

Yikes...that's a WAY long comment. Sorry about that. :\

sabrina said...

Hey, ever since I did a complete recovery on my computer (and accidently lost most everything), I've been able to comment on blogs. Don't know why I'd get an error message before. Anyway, yeah, I was wondering the same. #3 caught my attention right away. Something in the oven?

Jenny said...

I completely missed it the first time around, but now I saw it too. That was sneaky. Tell us more, tell us more! (But you don't have to tell us ALL of it...lol)

Shannon said...

When a Mommy and Daddy love each other very much....interesting things can happen!

Jenny said...

Ahem. I meant, like, the due date and stuff? LOL

Shannon said...

I'm only 5 weeks...can't keep a secret =) Due the first part of September.

Anonymous said...

hey...maybe your bun and my tyler will have the same birthday. congrats!