Saturday, December 01, 2007

Snow, Snow, Go Away

Things we did today:

Went grocery shopping at 10 a.m. with the masses of humanity. Lost Avrie's shoe in the midst of the chaos. A nice man found it for us.

Bought a new mattress for the guest room.

Made two batches of buns for the potluck tomorrow. Got the pork roast cooked and shredded for sandwiches. Made the pasta salad.

Made cornbread to go with our chili for supper and dropped the entire container. It was not funny and my husband had the nerve to laugh. Which made the kids laugh. Our vacuum sure doesn't go hungry.

Got two picture shelves hung in our bedroom...finally. We've had them for a year. It took all of 10 minutes.

Murdered the bunny colony under our bed.

We're now enjoying our nightly tea and trying to decide what book to pick from our new library stack.

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