Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Pictures

Whew! We're exhausted after a long holiday! We spent Christmas Eve Day at Grandpa and Grandma T's and ate cookies, played Deal or No Deal for real money, compliments of Grandpa, ate cookies, ate cookies, played Cranium, ate cookies (and some food), opened gifts, ate cookies. We spent Christmas Day at Grandma Helen's and did pretty much the same as the day before! We've had our share of junk food for the season, that's for sure. The kids are crabbier than crabby and it's reinforced how I feel about junk food. They are so much happier today after a good breakfast and lunch. I don't seem to have any good pictures of Nolan with his presents, but we got him a racetrack, a fishing game and a handheld memory game.

There are presents in the basement?! Oh boy!!

Tinkerbell Fairy playset for Avrie.

And a Littlest Pet Shop.

Avrie and Stefanie playing airplane.

Amanda and Elliot wishing March was here already.

Avrie made her way around the room and begged for ice cream. It worked.

Mooching from Tonya.

Stefanie and Nolan having a ball. I'm so punny!

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