Tuesday, December 11, 2007

100 Things About Me--A Blog Classic

  1. I hate cherry flavored anything.
  2. Ditto for fruit punch...this gets my gag reflex.
  3. Maybe this is because I had chronic ear infections as a kid and was on amoxicillen all the time. Doesn't it taste like a combo of the two?
  4. My dream vacation would be a silent retreat. I think we could learn so much about ourselves if we'd just shut up. If only our thoughts could be silenced!
  5. I hate shopping.
  6. With the exception of Thrifting.
  7. I do believe I have a slight email addiction. I like that people want to email ME. By people I mean my mother and Cheri. Oh, and the bill collectors. I don't like them at all.
  8. I cut my nails outside. This is really brilliant if you overlook the strangeness of it.
  9. I take scalding showers. I tried to overcome this for the sake of my skin/hair but I didn't like freezing to death. My version of freezing to death is still scalding to most people.
  10. There is a house near us that is plastered in Tweety Bird. You'd have to see it to believe it. I hate Tweety Bird.
  11. I wanted to be a Vet when I grew up and now I really don't like animals. They shed. And pee on your furniture. And cough up hairballs that you step in first thing in the morning. And contaminate the whole tank.
  12. I like pets at your house.
  13. I once wrote down 365 things I wanted to do with Evan after we were married. He drew one each day for the year we were engaged. I wonder how many of them we've done?
  14. I desperately want a room of my own for reading. My husband just laughs at me. I'd settle for an amazing reading corner. If I could only find a corner.
  15. My children amaze me. Every single day.
  16. They also try my patience. Every single day.
  17. I have a thing for eyes. They really are the window to the soul. Or something poetic like that.
  18. I can't stand character clothes and shoes on kids.
  19. I think communal living is interesting. I could never live with anyone other than my family.
  20. I was obsessed with boys. I once had my friend get this boy to breathe in a Ziploc baggie so I could have his breath. Remember this Trina?!?! I wonder what Dustin S. ever made of himself. Last I heard he had STD's and no one liked him.
  21. I'm so glad I never had to date. I had a guy hit on me last week and I didn't even know what to do.
  22. I once had a guy hit on me at a mental health clinic. My dad was with me and thought it was hilarious. He tried to give me his phone number written on the back of his therapist's card. Classy.
  23. I miss therapy so, so much.
  24. I've done Landmark Education. It saved me from myself. I am forever grateful for my in-laws paying for us to go. I wonder where I'd be today without it.
  25. I french-kissed Scott S. in the backseat of the bus for monopoly money. We were convinced it was real. We were 7 and didn't know better. It wasn't long after that that the busdriver made 7th grade and under sit up front.
  26. I also kissed Adam D. in the gym in 3rd grade. He had won his wrestling match. He was my best friend until 4th grade. I still get weepy when I think of the emptiness of his funeral service. He was the last boy I kissed until Evan.
  27. I'm highly opposed to pacifiers. Highly.
  28. I'm also opposed to commercial formula. If you can't breastfeed at least make your own from fresh, raw milk. Don't get me started on breast versus bottle.
  29. I cried when both my kids self-weaned. I would have nursed them until 2...much to some people's dismay.
  30. I cannot believe how hard this is. I have 70 to go.
  31. I would love to live in a big old barn. Converted to a house of course. And minus the mice.
  32. Or a quonset.
  33. Oh, Oh, OH!! I HATE musicals. With a passion.
  34. I really, really want to try a sensory deprivation tank. There is one in Minneapolis and it's relatively cheap...just haven't made it there yet.
  35. I'm starting to love BodyPump. It's heinous for an hour but the results are amazing.
  36. I love itty-bitty diamond nose studs.
  37. Wow, this is getting to be quite random. Once, when I was 12-ish, I went to brush my horse with a currycomb and I dropped it on the ground and she swooped down and picked it up in her mouth and proceeded to scratch her butt with it. No one believed me.
  38. I miss being a kid. I miss my imagination.
  39. I want to take an art therapy course. I wonder what kind of art would come out of me. I'm a wanna be artsy-fart.
  40. I sew.
  41. I knit. Correction: I knitted before two kids. They undo projects faster than I can start them.
  42. The nicest piece (most $$) of furniture in our house is our foosball table. Maybe it needs to be more prominantly displayed. We need to get a piece of glass cut for the top like Chandler and Joey's.
  43. I was on Accutane. Terrible, horrible stuff that gave me beautiful, radiant skin.
  44. I LOVE rearranging furniture. I saw a book once titled Decorating for Good. I gasped and turned and RAN.
  45. I have no idea what I like for art. My living room walls are filled with pictures of my family, a clock and a mirror. I'm not willing to invest $$ in something I won't like a few years down the road. I do love Peter Max. Evan almost bought me this for Mother's Day a couple years ago: http://www.sunshoppecafe.com/images/artists/Max-BetterWorldIII.jpg.
  46. I turned 25 in October and had to renew my driver's license. I wonder if I'll ever weigh what my old one said I did. I was honest on my new one.
  47. I've been to a nude beach. It was the most liberating thing I've ever done.
  48. I don't like bagels. I'm not much for bread actually.
  49. I don't like baked potatoes.
  50. I sang a solo for the recital in 1st grade. It was called Two Little, New Little Moccasians. Or something like that. Mom was afraid I was going to gather my skirt up too high in my nervousness.
  51. I just tried to explain to Nolan about how the Sun goes around the whole Earth. He wanted to know if he has an astronaut suit so he can go to the moon. I love him so much!
  52. My vehicle is always messy. I never get car washes. I vacuum it twice a year.
  53. I wish I could afford laser hair removal so I'd never have to shave again.
  54. I haven't owned a hat since grade school. I want one this year. A fur-lined knit bomber from AE. It's $30. It will have to go on sale for me to buy it.
  55. I also want nice winter boots. I haven't had a pair since grade school either.
  56. I love lip gloss. Avrie already does too.
  57. I have never slept with a top sheet. Fitted sheet and down comforter with a duvet cover is the only way to go.
  58. I have to have three pillows to sleep. One for my head, one between my knees and one to hug.
  59. I will pay anyone $100 if they can get Nolan to poop in the toilet. I'm dead serious. Permanantly, not just once. Although, I'd be amazed even then.
  60. When I was young I had 30-some plantar warts burned off my feet. I have a wart on my index finger right now and it's so incredibly annoying. I guess they are viral. Another reason to get more sleep.
  61. I have inactive vertigo.
  62. Alan paid me $5 once to go downstairs and get him an alarm clock. He was afraid of the basement.
  63. Before we had Nolan we seriously considered traveling the world for a year. We researched Madagascar the most.
  64. I was once enrolled in culinary school at the Art Institute. I had even ordered my knives. It was at a time in my life that I can't remember and I don't know why I didn't follow through. Probably because I wasn't eating then.
  65. I grew up on a farm and maybe drove a tractor by myself once. I'm a non-farm farm girl!
  66. My mom used to combine and I'd fall asleep with my book on the floor by her feet. Until I got too big.
  67. I love my hardwood floors. Even if they are scratched from the kids...they are still beautiful.
  68. Nothing beats convention.
  69. I have no idea what my favorite food is. Nolan's is Pad Thai with chicken. It has been for at least a year. I wonder when it will change?!
  70. I'm not passive.
  71. I'm not exactly aggressive either.
  72. I think professional athletes get paid too much. I think professional sports are ridiculous.
  73. My favorite part of 1st grade was Reading Rainbow. My favorite Reading Rainbow book to read to the kids is "The Piggy in the Puddle".
  74. I used to brush my teeth 8+ times a day. I'm down to 3-ish.
  75. I NEVER use a hairdryer and rarely use hairspray.
  76. I'm not at all athletic.
  77. I don't like mainstream.
  78. I hate putting clean laundry away. Absolutely loathe it.
  79. I really don't enjoy winter. At all.
  80. I love tea. With honey. Or pure maple syrup.
  81. I cannot even imagine living a life without children. That said, there are a lot of people out there who should never have them.
  82. Oooh, I did think of something I like about winter: fresh popcorn and Rook in front of the fireplace.
  83. I just bought my first pair of bunny slippers a few weeks ago and I LOVE them. The kids think I'm silly. Now I can be the cliche comic strip character.
  84. I love comics. Get Fuzzy, FB or FW, Pearls Before Swine and Baby Blues just to name a few.
  85. I want my own milk cow and laying hens someday...soon.
  86. Sometimes my joints feel so old.
  87. I had severe sciatica with both pregnancies. I'm scared it will get worse with the next one.
  88. There's nothing like a great pair of heels to make me feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, my knees can't take them anymore and I'm down to flat-ish. Ugh. Flats make me feel frumpy.
  89. I'm feeling very conceited writing this...like people really want to know 100 things about me. But it's been too much work to stop now!
  90. I rarely, rarely wash a dish by hand. I am in love with my dishwasher. His name is Whirlpool and he makes me so happy. I hope I'm not too much for him.
  91. I never rinse my dishes prior to the DW. Why bother?
  92. We don't use a microwave and people think we're weird.
  93. Ummm, I've never cleaned my oven and we've lived here 3 1/2 years. My mom did it when we moved in. I don't think it's gross....but I haven't exactly stuck my head in to check.
  94. I have a fern phobia. When they develop spores on the back of the leaves to reproduce or whatever...it totally freaks me out. I get nauseous. Seriously. Just come at me with a fern and I'll leave you alone! I walk through the fern room at Como Conservatory as fast as I can.
  95. I don't like IKEA. I like SOME of their stuff but I hate going there. It's annoying.
  96. I love people watching. I want to know their stories. But I'm not aggressive enough to be a reporter.
  97. I always thought it would be cool to be the tough skater-girl chick who did extreme sports. See #76.
  98. One of my 6th grade teachers pinched me. I wish I would have decked him.
  99. I was in the "fat club" in elementary school. No wonder I have issues.
  100. I always want to keep my eye on the prize.


Jenny said...

Now I know more about you than I ever have before...that was very interesting. I can't imagine how long it took you to write it!! Someday, maybe I'll try it.

Jenny said...

Oh, except it's only 99 things. You missed one.

Shannon said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!! I'll go fix that! i must have deleted one. it took FOREVER by the way.

Rich, Marlene and Kids said...

You are a fascinating person and you truely, really need to write a book of some sort! I'd read it.

Shannon said...

A LURKER!!!!! I love it when readers come out of the closet.

Anonymous said...

love your list. you should get a body pillow. i have gone through 3 of them ..they get flat after awhile. i wanna make a list now!

mom said...

comments on #7 I love emailing you and love responses.. sometimes I dont get any...life is busy
#17EYES..how well some family members know your fascination for them:)
#47It was your parents and aunt and uncle brother and cousins that were with you at that nude beach..good times.

Shannon said...

actually, evan and i went back by ourselves and...*ahem*. but thanks for introducing us to it!!!!!!

Shannon said...

went went to the beach on the cruise that went on with jon and shannon. thankfully they weren't there!!! at least we didn't see them....thankfully. ha!

Mindy said...

I'm with you on the scalding showers - my husband just doesn't understand - he always yells at me when he sees my scalded skin! Bodypump is growing on you?! Bodystep is growing on me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is that where Jon went for 3 hours that day?! or Lucky we didn't run into each other there! haha, I'm only kidding about these comments!

Anonymous said...

Love the list! FYI the Earth goes around the Sun!

Shannon said...

Heh, Heh, yeah, that's what I meant. See how I feel too dumb to homeschool my kids! Are you really the only one that noticed?? So you don't want to make me feel bad by revealing your true identity?! =)

martha.org said...

i can't believe this, shannon!!!! i have never met anyone else who even remotely gets art therapy!! as in "gets/understands". I was on my way to being an art therapist when I came to Winona..did you know that? I stayed cuz i didn't like the Vermont school i interviewed for and settle for a plain old master's in mental health therapy from WSU!! I can't believe your list! I am so happy about you and how plain funny life is.