Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Big Kids

Avrie eating her breakfast all by herself. She wouldn't have it any other way.
She even gets her own big girl chair when Klara has the booster seat.
This is what goes on at home when the kids get left with Daddy for an hour. Lifejackets and underwear on the head...he must be some kind of superhero.
A handsome one!
Check out my Calvins!! She got her legs in the right holes and on the right direction. I helped pull them up. She also likes to wear them on her head.
I was SO proud! Nolan does not like to draw or color. He brought this to me the other day and was just pleased as pie with himself. I was too. The cutest smiley face I've ever seen.


Cheri said...

Um...why are Avrie's feet purple? What's she eating?? Looks yummy!

Shannon said...

it must be the light. or else she's freezing! she won't keep socks or shoes on. ever. i get dirty looks from old ladies when i take her places because of her bare feet. she must be related to me.

Shannon said...

oh, she's eating "lazy mommy breakfast" of buckwheat waffle drowned in butter and a little syrup. lifestream brand...the only freezer waffles we buy. doubt you'd find them in iowa =) oh, and only the buckwheat ones, all the other flavors have soy crap in them.

Mindy said...

That's a great smiley face for his age. Maybe he's more artistic than you realized.

Anonymous said...

Tanner is embarrassed about Avrie wearing fruit of the looms he says..haha..