Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We Need a [Free] Plumber

ARRGGGHH. We knew before we left for convention that the drain was clogging up again. We had Roto Rooter out August 28th and they allegedly got rid of the clog. But they couldn't guarantee the service being our line is 'severely pitched'. So we put drain cleaner in it last night and let it sit and I flushed it out with boiling water this morning. I threw in a giant-after-convention-load and intended to check on the drain when the wash was draining. Well I got a phone call at this crucial moment and forgot all about it until after I hung up. Went downstairs to 2 inches of water in the laundry room. So, I took my over-tired, crabby kids to the laundromat with 7+ loads of laundry. The first thing in view when you enter the laundromat is the candy dispensers. These trump the TV and video games. 25cents of candy held them over until Evan brought us some lunch. Got the laundry folded with a screaming, teething baby on my hip (this takes significantly longer, obviously) and headed out the door. Nolan proceeds to run headlong into a giant washer door...a huge shiner is in the works. Right outside the door is a coffee butts can with the employee's 20 butts of the day smoldering. Nolan picks it up and dumps the contents on the sidewalk all while employee is glaring through the window. So, we can't have showers without getting a gallon of water in the basement (totally separate problem). Now I can't wash clothes or dishes. It's like we live in the olden days.


Mindy said...

OK, yes I feel better. I'm sorry about your troubles though. Doesn't daily life seem unbearable after convention? I wish you lived closer - you could hang out here & wash your clothes all day.

Anonymous said...

naw much better nowadays shannon..in the olden days you would have to take the clothes to the creek and beat them on the rocks to get them clean:)you would wear the other only garment you owned to do this..