Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Feeling Accomplished Today

Before 11 today I cleaned the junk drawer, made two pans of lasagna (one for the freezer and one to eat later this week) and a pan of chicken chimichangas for lunch. And we didn't get up until after 8. I'm feeling pretty good! Pushed the kids on the swings for half hour...gave my arms a workout. Heading to the park after naps. Check this out:
Everything that has another place!!


Mindy said...

Wanna come do my junk drawer next? It is a dark hole & I feel paralyzed whenever I'm near it! In spite of this I've had a good day too - got everyone's closets cleaned out:)

Cheri said...

Ha! I don't even have a junk drawer...but I do have a paper bag that looks about like that!

Shannon said...

You don't have a junk drawer?!?! Oh my! I have a junk closet or two or three as well as this poor drawer. I justify not having a place for everything because we won't be in this house permanently. Sorry excuse.

Cheri said...

I WOULD have a junk drawer, but I don't have enough space in my kitchen as it is!

Anonymous said...

have you found a white plug in for the baby monitor you gave me yet??