Monday, August 27, 2007

We Love Yogi Bear!

We spent Thursday through Sunday at Jellystone with Darren, Amy, Ryan and Megan. We had awesome weather despite the forecast and had an absolute blast. Nolan asked me this morning "can we leave for Jellystone now?" Avrie and Nolan cuddling Thursday morning before we left.
Yogi and Nolan. This is the same Yogi statue that I stood by as a kid. I'm sure he's been repainted a few times over the years.
We're here! Evan really was happier than that.
The kids reading the paper before it turned to ashes.
Avrie and Daddy at the park.
Our "grass". The kids had lots of fun playing in the dirt.
Chef Amy turning the hot dogs.
What's that you have there, Megan?
Oh boy! Watermelon! Gimmeeeeee.
Mmmm. Thanks.
Stunning beach babe.
Building sand castles with Daddy.
What? A lolly? No way!
I want sunflower seeds instead.
Fishing. Got skunked.
We took Avrie paddle boating while Nolan napped. She wasn't too thrilled about the suffocating life jacket.
Nolan eating watermelon.
Reading books.
Avrie got a horrid case of the hives. We aren't sure what they were from.
On the way home. Asleep minutes from Jellystone.
Monkey helping Mommy unpack.

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