Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tongue in Cheek

Well, I've had a tongue in my freezer for awhile and decided to cook it up before the cat got it (Evan helped with that oh-so-witty commentary). It was absolutely disgusting to cook, skin and chop. It tasted fine...good actually. A sweet, beefy flavor with the texture of firm tofu. Evan ate two Tongue Tacos and Nolan ate all but two bites of his. I had a harder time choking it down and left one bite of my ONE taco. I kept seeing images of the cow chewing it's cud and sticking it's tongue up it's nose. I literally almost threw up each bite I took. But it really did taste good. Really.This cow seems to have had an injury or piercing of sorts! The hole went through the whole tongue.
Notice the bay leaf to make it delicious!!!
In the process of skinning (while talking to Mom on the phone to keep my mind off the matter)!
Like a snake that shed it's skin.
Looks like dog food.
MMMMMmmmm, yummy Mommy!
I LOVE the look on Evan's face here!


Nate, Tara, and Jaden said...

Sorry Shannon, but that is absolutely repulsive. You have a daring family to eat such stuff. I'll take 3 day old macaroni and cheese any day.

Anonymous said...

Can I say....Holy Cow?! That is sooo huge! I guess you would need a pretty long tongue to stick it up your nose. In reality, how is eating tongue considered gross, and eating hotdogs isin't?

Sue said...

Ewwww! Those pictures.....gross!

Anonymous said...

well mom is certainly glad the tongue is out of my freezer,and that it was put to good use!!! those pics are are soooo brave.
usually they grind it and put it into hamburger:)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is..GROSS!!!!!!!!!

Elliot said...

I think Im gonna barf