Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Narrator Nolan

Nolan has taken to blabbering nonstop. On Monday, and I'm not exaggerating at all, from the moment he got out of bed until the moment he fell asleep in the car at 4:30 I doubt he was quiet for longer than two minutes. He talked and talked and talked. All day. He narrated his day as it unfolded. "I'm standing on the rug. Be careful or I'll fall. I'm walking down the hall. Going to wash mine hands. Eating my waffle. Drinking my water." Good thing he's absolutely the cutest thing ever or it could have gotten annoying! But it didn't =)

Avrie is starting to get brave and take steps from one thing to another (ie: coffee table to couch). She's become quite the speedy crawler. A crawler with a big appetite...she loves to eat and nurse.

Lori surprised me this morning and called to see if the kids and I wanted to take a road trip to Texas with her! So I didn't hesitate at all in saying "Yes!!" and we're going next Friday for a week. I'm so, so, so excited! The kids are going to have a blast together.

Grilled brats for supper tonight...now that's a taste of summer!


jspjtgunnar said...

if you guys are going to see dana...tell her and the kids hi and give them a hug from jon and shannon!!! thanks

Sara A said...

Texas is awesome! :) Although, we've realized it's hard to find good brats here! Mangoes are cheap, though. Tell Lori hi for me.