Friday, February 23, 2007

To Rinse or Not to Rinse?

So I had an observation today. I wonder how much you can tell about a person from how they load their dishwasher? A lot I'm sure! I'll have to see if there is a quiz floating around out there. I, for one, have NEVER rinsed a single dish that went into my dishwasher. I have been known to wash a single spoon in every load for a month before finally taking it out and washing it by hand to get the little stubborn spot off (it was avocado chocolate pudding). And then there are people who practically wash their dishes before putting them in. Some people have specific places they put their dishes to maximize space. I just throw them all in and when it's semi-full I run it. I usually run it 2 times a day. Sometimes more. Although I do cook quite a bit so I usually have 2 pretty full loads.

I heard on the radio today that Disney is launching a new line of clothing: Wedding dresses. Yup. They aren't making enough money off the kids apparently. There will be an Ariel dress that has subtle mermaid shaping and shimmer, a Cinderella dress and a Beauty dress from Beauty and the Beast...don't know her name. So that adult women can get in touch with their inner princess. I don't consider myself anti-Disney but I'm definitely not pro either. I just don't see what the fuss is all about. What happened to wooden blocks and playing outside and Imagination? Kids have trains that are all battery powered and they watch them go around the track instead of pushing them themselves around homemade scenery made from shoe boxes, etc. Now, I know as a kid I wanted the new stuff but I did make my own Barbie houses, etc. I had water beds made out of Ziploc bags and my Barbies went on field trips to the bathroom sink, which was an ocean or a big pool.

Well, both kids are napping so I'd better go get some sleep too. Oh, my verdict on the dishwasher must mean I'm lazy. Better live up to it!


"MamaDubs" Bobbie said...
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"MamaDubs" Bobbie said...

Your uncle is a fanatic about loading the dishwasher. Neither of us rinse the dishes first, but if when we put our dishes in, and they are in the wrong spots (according to Jeri), he has to be sure and tell us that. And if I dare run it not completely full... oh I better not. So I have to wait so long to run it, that I end up with extra dirty dishes waiting for their turn on the counter. I have enough trouble keeping my house clean, this doesn't help. Hey, can I blame the whole house being messy on him. :0)

farron and cheri said...

I clearly remember zip lock waterbeds and taking the barbies to the pool!

And yes....get avocado stuck to a spoon and you will need to wash it 38 times before...well...before you take it out and chip it off with your fingernail.