Monday, January 15, 2007

I Hate Snow

Some neighborhood boys knocked on the door this afternoon and asked if they could shovel for me for $. Money well spent. I haven't had a wet and sandy floor all winter....why did it have to start now?! My next house is not having an outside door entering the kitchen. My kitchen is always full of shoes and dirt. Ugh.

Avrie is very close to sitting alone. She does a pretty good job of it right now but still topples over quite a bit. No teeth yet but she drools at least a gallon a day.

Went to a local thrift store today for 50% off everything. Didn't find too much...some clothes for the kids, a book (Wicked...anyone read it?), a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles retro! I used to play TMNT at recess in elementary school. Recess brings back lots of fond and not-so-fond memories.

I booked a hotel for this Friday night for our anniversary. Mom & Dad are coming up to stay with the kids. I haven't been away from Avrie for longer than 3 hours so it will be interesting for both of us. I did get her to take a bottle...reluctantly...and not a cheap one either....Adiri is the brand and it's shaped like a breast and is soft so baby can knead it. It's the only bottle that she has taken. And she might be turning into a Thumbellina...she found her thumb yesterday and kind of likes it. Although she hasn't sucked on a pacifier for longer than 3 minutes her whole little life. I'd be very surprised if she started sucking her thumb regularly.

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