Friday, December 22, 2006

New pictures

Staying at home today since the weather is so icky. Nolan wants to go outside and build a snowman but he doesn't have any mittens, boots or snowpants. So Daddy will have to stop on the way home and pick some up. Hopefully the snow lasts long enough to go out and play for a bit. We are really looking forward to sledding this year...Nolan didn't really like it last year. We have an awesome sledding hill right up the street. You're scared for your life the whole way down!! Very fun! Mom and Dad went with us over X-mas last year.
Grandpa and Avrie having a nap. Avrie in a mini! She's at an age when it actually looks cute!
Nolan in a bag. This kept him entertained for at least an hour. The bag was strong enough to hold him and he wanted to be carried around.

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Justin and Sara said...

Ohhh, grandpa and Avrie are so cute!