Thursday, November 16, 2006

Went to the library today where Nolan befriended all the little old ladies picking up their on-hold romance novels. Okay, so "all" was only two. Also went to Old Navy to pick up a few things for our family pictures tomorrow night. I hate clothes shopping at full price stores. However, my thrift stores have failed me this week.

Made cupcakes for Nolan this afternoon...gluten/dairy/yummy free. He likes them though. Sent him outside to play for a while but he got too cold and wanted back in.

I'm happy to report that Avrie has slept 9+ hours 13 out of the last 15 nights! I'm getting so much sleep that I'm tired! Kind of like sleeping till noon during summer vacation. So, as soon as Evan digs my treadmill out of the basement corner, I'm going to start getting up when he leaves for work and do some walking. We'll see if that actually gets done.

Nothing so far on the job hunt. I'm not too enthusiastic about it though.

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