Saturday, October 14, 2006

Vintage Avrie and Nolan the Hulk

Avrie is wearing a dress that I wore as a baby! I thought it would be too big yet but it's almost too small! Yikes! I noticed yesterday that I am starting to pick her up under the arms already. She's growing too fast.

Nolan was playing downstairs with Daddy this morning...he has a picture of the Incredible Hulk on the wall of his office. Nolan came upstairs and pulled the green bag out of the cupboard and put it on his head and said he was the Incredible Hulk!!!! The imagination begins! Today he was drawing more dinosaurs and bunny rabbits. Oky doky.

Nolan helped Daddy fix the dishwasher this morning and I kept hearing "Daddy, wait two minutes. Fix screwdriver. Put flashlight. Just a minute".

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