Thursday, September 21, 2006

Avrie For Supper!!

She should be yummy! Actually having meatloaf for the second time this week...not leftovers either! It's the recipe from the Garden of Eating's awesome.
Evan got rained out of work today so it was fun to have him home for the afternoon.
Nolan and I left Avrie with Daddy and went to the library and to Michaels for some knitting things. I'm trying to get all the hats and scarves knit before convention. Avrie is getting a raspberry hat.
Today was an improvement with Ms. Colic. She was awake and not crying today for a long time! Whoohoo! Nights have been going well too. So hopefully we've got the food sensitivity worked out and she'll be better from here on out. She has an appointment tomorrow morning with the chiro and she's usually awesome after her adjustments.

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farron and cheri said...

Cute!! Can't believe how much shes grown and changed, guess I think of her as a tiny baby when she's really not far behind Elliot! Glad to hear she is feeling better.